About Us

Dr. Eric Newhouse and his family.

Dr. Eric Newhouse

Dr. Eric Newhouse has been practicing dentistry in Excelsior since 1998.
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Becky Harrill

An Office Manager since 1993, Becky keeps the Newhouse Family well organized.
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Donna Burke

Donna, the Newhouse Family Financial Coordinator, has fifteen-plus years experience.
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Andrea Thomas

In 2008, Andrea became a Dental Hygienist, she has been part of the Newhouse Family since.

Brenda Ballew

Brenda became a Dental Assistant in 1991.
She has teamed with Dr. Eric for seven years.

Lesa Copenhaver

Lesa has been a Dental Hygienist since 1994 .
She joined Dr. Newhouse seven years ago.

Susie Drake

Susie brings over thirty years experience as a Dental Assistant to the Newhouse Family.